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Invite from the Temple Presidents

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Dear Friends,
Our heartfelt THANK YOU to all who participated in the 2014 Durban Festival of Chariots. Our hope and prayer was that everyone involved – organisers, donors, people who rendered service, and visitors – feel spiritually enlivened. 
We warmly invite you to the festival appreciation ceremony on Sunday, 27 April at 4pm, hosted by the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple. The festival is an opportunity to express gratitude and share realisations.
Ekadasi is on Friday, 25 April. Break fast is on Saturday, 26 April between 06:21 – 10:02.
We look forward to seeing you and hope this finds you in the best spirits,
Your servants
Swarup Damodar Das and Vibhu Caitanya Das
T: 031 4033328  |  F: 031 4034429  |
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Hanuman Jayanti Festivals

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Week Ahead

Dear Friends,

Today is the auspicious celebration of the Lord’s most celebrated servant, Sri Hanuman. In honour of Hanuman, we are hosting festivals this evening, 15 April each starting at 7pm. You are warmly invited to a festival at one the following ISKCON centres:

Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple with His Holiness Bhakti Ashraya Vaishnava Swami
New Jagannath Puri Temple with His Holiness Partha Sarathi Das Goswami.
ISKCON Pietermaritzburg with His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami. (Kadamba Kanana Swami will also be giving a talk at New Jagannath Puri Temple on Wednesday, 16 April at 7pm.)

Sri Hanuman set the perfect example of a selfless servant. Whatever obstacle he faced he turned to the service and took shelter of Lord Rama. Two devotees in our community, Kedarnath Prabhu and Kamala Manjari Mataji, recently endured the tragedy of losing their 24 year old son in a car accident. Following the example of Hanuman, they are taking shelter of Lord Jagannath and you will see them fully engaged in decorating various tents in preparation for the Durban Festival of Chariots. Such contemporary examples are most inspiring and should encourage us all to give as much effort as is possible in organizing the Festival of Chariots.

We will be sharing more Durban Festival of Chariots news in the next day or two, including the full schedule of events. Please invite as many friends and family to the festival.

As always, we look forward to seeing you and hope this finds you in the best spirits,

Your friends at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple

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Week Ahead 10-15 April

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Week Ahead

Dear Friends,

The temple is a hive of activity with the Durban Festival of Chariots just one week away. Many of you have contacted us about festival details and to offer service. For further updates and information, please contact Merumala Dasi on 0836760844.

This week we feature the Take Care of Krishna Tent and the Bhakti Cloud Tent:

Take Care of Krishna

This year the Take Care of Krishna Tent offers not only an opportunity for you to book/update/confirm your Take Care of Krishna day, but also secure various precious memorabilia and maha (sacred remnants) from our Deities. The TCK team have compiled a slide show of a behind the scenes glimpse of how our Lordships Sri Sri Radha Radhanath, Sri Giriraj Govardhan and Lord Caitanya are worshipped, dressed, meals prepared and garland making - basically how the Lord allows us to take care of Him in a day. We already have over 200 booking for this year. So, come by early and take advantage of our booking facility. Everyone who books on-site will receive a special gift. Memorabilia on hand include magnets, buttons, key rings and a variety of photographs and also maha jewellery and pieces of maha cloth. Add to your collection of Deity paraphernalia by purchasing the much desired limited maha tiles which covered the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple altar for over two decades.

Also, situated in the on-site Jagannath Mandir will be housed a Take Care of Jagannath presentation that will allow everyone the opportunity to engage in the special service of serving the Jagannath Deities in our Phoenix temple.

Bhakti Cloud

Bhakti Cloud is dedicated to our youth. Come in for Dance Master with Bhaktimarg Swami; Poetry Slam on freedom, truth, beauty and love; Drum Beats; Vraj & Friends (rated No. 2 in South African rock and just returned from a tour in Europe); Hinds Brothers; Hip Hop; Drama, and so much more.

We will be posting Durban Festival of Chariots info almost everyday from next week, please check out our Facebook page, Twitter handle and website for constant updates.

Festival Of India hosted by the ISKCON Tongaat Nama-hatta
Every evening until Sunday, 13 April, 6.30-9.00pm
Flamingo Heights (Play Ground next to Flats SD)
Guest Speakers: His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Swami. Sunday with His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami and His Holiness Ashraya Vaisnava Swami

Week Ahead 

Friday, 11 April
Fast from all grain, beans and legumes

Saturday, 12 April
Break Fast 06:12 – 08:08

Sunday, 13 April
4pmLove Feast with Bhakti Caitanya Swami on Ratha-yatra in India

Tuesday, 15 April
Sri Krishna Vasanta Rasa
Sri Balaram Rasayatra
Hanuman Jayanti – Evening Celebration (see poster for details)


As always, we look forward to seeing you and hope this finds you in the best spirits,

Your friends at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple

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Rama Naumi Darshan

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The Altar is a recreation of the hut Rama and Laksman constructed when they lived in the forest. You can see the deer that Sita Devi asked Lord Rama to capture for her and the circle of “fire” Laksman invoked when Sita commanded him to go in search of Rama. Ravana, disguised as a brahmana, is waiting on the side to kidnap Sita Devi. You can also see Lord Rama’s Varana army dotted along the temple room. Devotees worked tirelessly for 2 weeks making the Varanas, deer, Ravana and the straw hut.
DSCN1101 DSCN1105 DSCN1110 DSCN1112 DSCN1117 DSCN1118 DSCN1121 image-2 image-5
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You are warmly invited!

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