Month: April 2018

Week Ahead 26 April – 2 May

Dear Friends We celebrate the Nrsimha Avatar on Saturday 28 April. We can meditate on the following prayer from the Nrsimha Purana. This prayer was recited by Lord Caitanya: “I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, Lord Nrsimhadeva. You are the giver of pleasure to Prahlada Maharaja, and your nails cut the chest of Hiranyakashipu like more »

Week Ahead 18 – 25 April

Dear Friends Akshaya Tritiya This Wednesday, April 18, is Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most important days in the Vedic calendar. Akshaya means “imperishable” or “that which never diminishes”. Traditionally, this is the best day for starting important endeavors or projects. For example, Vyasadeva and Ganesa chose this day to start writing the Mahabharata, and every more »

Week Ahead 12 – 18 April

Dear Friends We trust you are feeling enthused by the Durban Festival of Chariots. Kindly note the Temple’s additional phone numbers: 031 403 3358 / 031 403 3359 / 031 403 3384 Your Week Ahead Friday 13 April Verulam Festival Day 1 @6pm with His Holiness Partha Sarathi Das Goswami Redcliffe Hindu Sabha 500 Petunia Circle, Redcliffe, Verulam more »