How to Offer a Lamp…

If possible offer a lamp daily during Kartik, either in the temple or before your altar at home. 

You can sing or play a recording of the Sri Damodarasataka prayers while offering lamps. These prayers are found in the

 Padma Purana. Sri Hari bhakti-vilasa (2.16.198) states, “In the month of Kartik one should worship Lord Damodar and daily recite the prayers known as Damodarastaka…which attracts Lord Damodar.”

You can download an audio of the song from our Go to the “downloads” tab and make your selection.

Generally in our temples we use clay lamps, each one having a single ghee wick. Brass lamps may also be used which should washed before reusing. A viable alternative is to use small birthday candles. The candles may be placed in a small bowl of sand after offering.

Offering Your Lamp

Remove your shoes and socks and wash your hands.
Light a lamp and sprinkle it lightly with water to purify the lamp before the offering.
Present it before the picture of Srila Prabhupada, and then follow this process:
1. Offer the lamp to Lord Damodar by circling seven times,
2. Then offer the lamp to Mother Yasoda by circling seven times,
3. And finally offer to Srila Prabhupada by circling his face three times.
Thereafter place the lamp before your altar. You can then bow down before your altar and offer your personal prayers.

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