2018 Janmashtami Festival Guide

Monday 3 September – Festival Day 3

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Fast until midnight

Temple Room Schedule

9:00am Public Offerings & Kirtan (You may offer gifts, jewelry, flowers, cooking ingredients & birthday cards)

10:00pm Abhishek

10:30pm Class by His Grace Govardhan Das

11:30pm Kirtan

Midnight Darshan & Arati

1:00am Ekadasi Break Fast

Cultural Entertainment Marquee

Learners’ Cultural Fest @9am

Cultural Entertainment

5.30pm-6.15pm Bhajans by Jamuna Jivan Dasa
6.20pm-7.05pm Bhajans by San Productions
7.10pm-7.20pm Bharatha Natyam Dance by Natyamani Rasakeli Sowamber
7.25pm-8.15pm Discourse on the Bhagavad-Gita
8.20pm-8.30pm Kathak Dance by Dr. Olica Maniram
8.35pm-10pm Kannan Veeramani Extravaganza
10.05pm-11pm Tamil, Telegu & Hindi Bhajans by Vijayluxmi Balakrishna
11.05pm-11.45pm Discourse by His Grace Govardhan Das
11.50pm-00.30am Midnight Darshan will be projected on a giant screen and accompanied by kirtan

Gifts & Offerings
All Day – In the Temple
You may offer gifts, jewelry, flowers, cooking ingredients, & birthday cards to Sri Sri Radha Radhanath.

Janmashtami Market
Radhanath’s Gifts – 30% off All Gopi Outfits!
Book Store! – A wide variety of books on Bhakti will be on sale. Keep an eye out for the Badra Purnima Special, a Srimad Bhagavatam set for only R2500!
Deity Maha Shop – maha jewelry and maha prasad will be on sale.
Govinda’s Pop-Up Take Away – popcorn, chips, snacks, and drinks on sale.
Bhakti Yoga Society Fund Raising Store – maha, mehndi, thrift shop. All proceeds go towards the university cultivation program.
Govinda’s Pizzeria – authentic wood-fired pizzas on sale until 10pm.


Bhakti Theatre’s Draupadi – The Fire-born Princess @7:30pm

Movies Under the Stars @8:30pm

Temple Gardens

Mantra Park from 6pm

Bhakti Theatre’s Campfire Kirtan & Krishna Book 9pm-11pm

Parking & Security
One of the biggest concerns when visiting the temple is parking and safety. Parking will be available in and around the temple with park and ride facilities. We will have visible security, police patrol, and volunteer security. It is important that all worshippers feel safe and secure during their visit to the temple and therefore we have put extra effort in this regard.

Tuesday 4 September – Festival Day 4

Sri Vyasa-puja of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Fast until midday

(Food and flower offerings to be in by 11am)

4:30am Mangal Arati

5:00am Tulasi-puja

5:15am Japa

7:00am Srila Prabhupada Guru-puja

7:15am Morning Class

8:00am Deity Greetings

9:00am Sri Vyasa-puja Celebration begins

12:30pm Arati & Kirtan

1:00am Feast