Amazing Grace

Hare Krishna Friends,

As we enter the last week of Kartik let us meditate on the words of His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami, “The transcendental flute player, Krishna, is now present in His holy name and I have the good fortune that I am allowed to chant.” 
Bhisma Pancaka begins on Saturday, 24 November. It is like a sale within a sale-this is the amazing grace of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. While many of you may be feeling inundated with one festival after the other, remember it is like buying diamonds at the price of plastic stones. 
You are encouraged to come to the temple not because you are expected to, or even due to promises, but as an answer to your soul’s yearning. Take this opportunity to fill your heart with Srimati Radharani’s mercy and dive deep into the ocean of bhakti. There are only a few days left to offer a lamp to Lord Damodara, bring someone new to the temple with you. In the mood of Sri Krishna’s topmost devotee, Srimati Radharani, bring as many people as you can to Lord Damodara. 
If you cannot come to the temple everyday, we post pictures of the Deities on our Facebook page, ISKCONDurban, or you can follow us on twitter (@DurbanKrishna) for periodic Deity darshan pictures.
Events to note this week:
Bhakti Yoga Society (BYS) Retreat 
21-24 November (Wed-Sat) 
Students from all campuses in and around Durban are attending. 
Go to our Facebook page over the next few days for photos of this event. 
We welcome His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami for a much needed rest and recuperation, and on Thursday, His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami.
Wednesday, 21 November
1. Gopastami
2. Srinivas Acarya’s Disappearance Day
Thursday, 22 November
Arrival of His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami
Saturday, 24 November
1. Ekadasi (Fast from all grains and beans)
You are also invited to spend time reading and chanting at the temple.
2. Srila Gaura Kisora Das Babaji Maharaja’s Disappearance Day (fast till noon)
3. First Day of Bhisma Pancaka.
4. Padayatra starting at 9.30 am from Laksmi Narayana Hall in Mobeni Heights to Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple. 
Srila Prabhupada will lead the procession on a palanquin.
Join us for chanting, dancing, prasada and book distribution. 
Lunch will be served to all participating devotees at the temple. 
5. Srimad Bhagavatam Morning Class by His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami. 
Sunday, 25 November
1. Chanting in the Park at 10am. Please view attached flyer for details. 
2. Sunday Love Feast at New Jagannath Puri Temple with His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami at 11am.
3. Sunday Love Feast at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple at 3pm with His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami.
4. Govardhan Puja Festival hosted by the Pietermaritzburg Nama-hatta at 1.30pm.
Monday, 26 November
Morning Class by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada at 7.45am.
Tuesday, 27 November
Lotus Park Nama-hatta with His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami at 6.30pm.
Wednesday, 28 November
Last Day of Kartik
Special Evening program with His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Swami at 7pm.
Srila Prabhupada Book Marathon Launch.
As always, we look forward to seeing you.
Your friends at 
Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple
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