Celebrating the Transcendental Lion

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Dear Friends,

On Friday, 24 May 2013 we celebrate the appearance of a most unusual manifestation of the Lord Krishna – Lord Nrsimhadeva, the half man-half lion incarnation of the Lord Krishna. Lord Nrsimhadeva appeared in that form to kill Hiranyakasipu, a great demon who obtained a benediction from Lord Brahma to not be killed a by either a man, demigod, or beast. But most of all, he appeared to protect his devotee, the young Prahlada. It is natural to pray to this form of the Lord for protection, especially the protection of our spiritual lives.

A meditation on Lord Nrsimhadeva:

“Lord Nrsimha roars loudly and causes other to roar. With His many arms He tears demons apart and kills them. He is always seeking out and torturing the descendants of Diti (the demons), both on Earth and on higher planets, and while, with His unlimited hands He destroys demons in all directions, He uses these same hands to sustain, protect and nourish the entire cosmic manifestation. I offer my deepest respects to this aspect of the Lord, Who has assumed the form of a transcendental lion.” Sri Nrsimha Kavaca, verse 30, spoken by Sri Prahlada Maharaj

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Your Week Ahead

Thursday, 23 May
Jayananda Das Disappearance Anniversary
Morning class on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.21 and Jayananda Prabhu with Jaisacinandana Das at 7.45am

Friday, 24 May
Nrsimha Caturdasi: Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva

Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple Schedule

4.30am Mangal arti
5.15am Japa
7.00am Srila Prabhupada guru-puja
7.10am Class with Raghava Pandit Das
8.15am Greeting Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their new outfit
5.30pm Prasada Feast
6.00pm Kirtan
7.00pm Arati and kirtan
7.30pm Class with Swarup Damodar Das
8.30pm Drama

Other Nrsimha-caturdasi festivals on Friday, 24 May, include:

Phoenix New Jagannath Puri Temple at 5.30pm
Pietermaritzburg Nama-hatta with Vibhu Caitanya Das at 6.30pm
Scottburgh at the Town Hall at 6.30pm
Newcastle Nama-hatta at 6.30pm
Ladysmith Nama-hatta at 7pm

Saturday, 25 May
Sri Madhavendra Puri and Srinivasa Acharya Appearance Anniversary
Morning class on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.22 with Pralambari Das at 7.45am
Harinam starting at Nicol Square Parkade starts at 10.30am

Sunday, 26 May
Morning class on Caitanya Caritamrita Adi. 17.268-272 with Ramvijay Das at 7.45am
Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple Love Feast with His Grace Ramanujacharya Das at 3pm

Monday, 27 May
Morning class by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada at 7.45am

Weekender Programme For Boys
If you are over 18 and would love to experience temple life, then this is for you. From Friday, 5pm to Sunday until after Love Feast. Activities include harinama, book distribution, learning Vaishnava etiquette with Saci Kumar Das, and different temple services. Of course there will be loads of prasad. Spend a weekend of good, clean fun with us. Contact Ashley 082 783 3599 or you can leave a message for him at the temple reception and he will get back to you. Boys under 18 are welcome to attend during day. Comment from one of the boys:
“I want to be here this weekend, the next weekend and every weekend thereafter for the rest of my life.” Vyan (25 years old)

As always, we look forward to seeing you and hope this finds you in the best spirits,

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