Dragons, Drums and Dance

Week Ahead
Dear Friends,
Hare Krishna. We are under four weeks away from the largest cultural festival in Durban.  In each of the coming weeks we will feature two Durban Festival of Chariots events.
The chariots parade is on Friday, 29 March from 10.30am, on the lower Marine Parade, close to the shore. The route is not confirmed as yet, so look out for updates. Devotees are already re-furbishing the three chariots. The parade will be enhanced by the auspicious Chinese symbol, the Chinese dragon, which ushers good luck and prosperity. Zulu dancers will show their prowess by stamping the ground and clearing the way for Lord Jagannath, and a brass band will theatrically announce the Lord’s visit to the beach. There will be a kirtan party led by one of the many visiting senior devotees in front of each chariot. Put on your best and your dancing shoes and follow in Lord Caitanya’s footsteps, who was famed as a great dancer and chanter.
Something new and great fun, is the Rainbow Splash. This festival of colour, traditionally known as Holi, will be on the sands of the Bay of Plenty with a “jumping” kirtan DJ-ed by famous Durban DJ, Deon Govender. Coloured powders will be on sale at the venue. For what to expect go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HltruTVcTYE. This 3 minute video covers the Holi festival at the ISKCON temple in Utah, America. Please note we are not covering any laundry bills.
Your week ahead
Friday, 8 March
Saturday, 9 March
Padayatra in Chatsworth
Accompany Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai and Srila Prabhupada on  3km downhill walk. Route: Starting at Moorton (cnr. Highland Ridge and View Ridge Roads) around Moorton traffic circle, down Moorton Drive, around Arena Park traffic circle, down Trisula Avenue, past the City Treasurer Building to Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple. There will be a shuttle service to transport everyone from the temple to the starting point at 9am. The padayatra will begin at 9.30am. We encourage devotees to come in their best Vaisnava attire and on completion of the padayatra, prasada will be served.
Sunday, 10 March
“Lord Shiva’s role in the material world is many: as the destroyer of the material universe, he presides over the mode of ignorance although completely aloof from it. He is the shelter of ghosts and hobgoblins and is easily pleased, granting material benedictions to his devotees. He is famous for his incredible powers, for swallowing poison from the ocean of nectar without being harmed and for accepting the Ganga on his head thus making him most auspicious. Certainly, Lord Shiva is not any ordinary demigod – he is Mahadeva, the greatest of all demigods…Lord Shiva’s divine qualities, attributes and pastimes are unlimited and his relationship with Lord Vishnu or Krishna is deep and sublime. He loves those who surrender to the Lord in humility and devotion and if we honour him as an exalted servant of the Lord, the Lord is pleased as He always is when we glorify his dear devotees.” Excerpt from Mahadeva Shiva, The topmost Devotee, Hare Krishna News May/June 2011.
To read full article go to http://iskcondurban.net/?page_id=239.
Join the Shivaratri Celebration with His Grace Jaisacinandana Das at 11am. 
You can look forward to lunch and a gift pack.
Special Sunday Love Feast with His Holiness Indradyumna Swami at 4pm.
Do not miss this special Durban Festival of Chariots update.
Look out for the Craft Market featuring gopi dot/face painting, crafts for children and fresh sugar cane juice at this Sunday’s special program.
We hope this finds you in the best spirits, until next week,
Your friends at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple
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