Our Family Business

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.58.59 AMMessage from the Book Distribution Minister for South Africa
Dear Friends
Hare Krishna
For the first time the South African Book Distribution Ministry, Sanbonani Krishna, will host a National Sankirtan Festival. I call it a festival because it is a celebration of a tradition that is most dear to our past and present spiritual masters. Srila Prabhupada considered it our family business and the basis for spreading the Krishna Consciousness Movement.
His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu will be the facilitator. I am aware that many of you may not know Vaisesika Prabhu, but I can assure you that he will transform the way we approach our sadhana, devotional service, how we deal with one another, and most importantly, our book distribution. And he told me that its going to be a lot of fun.
Even if you rarely or never distribute books, I encourage you to come. Devotees from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, and Gauteng have already registered. You may register via: temple@iskcondurban.net or the Temple Reception 031 403 3328 or Krishna Baladev Das 082 551 8047.
I look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday.
Your servant
Vibhu Caitanya Das
Your Weekend Ahead
Friday, 10 June @ 7pm 
Srila Prabhupada Night @ New Jagannath Puri Temple
with The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International Trustees
Please note that prasada will be served between 6pm – 7:30pm.
Saturday, 11 June
10:00am  National Sankirtan Festival with His Grace Vaisesika Das
Kindly note that the National Sankirtan Festival will be broadcast live on Mayapur TV, Durban Channel.
Sunday, 12 June
11:00am  New Jagannath Puri Love Feast with Vaisesika Das
3:00pm    Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Love Feast with Vaisesika Das
Monday, 13 June
7:45am    Morning Class with Vaisesika Das