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The PADMA Project is ISKCON Durban’s strategic growth and development plan for the next 30 years. This project is focussed on serving the Vaisnavas and greater community better and aims to create financial freedom.

The PADMA Project respects the wishes of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in whose honour this temple has been built, and honours the efforts of the dedicated team of devotees who worked tirelessly and in the face of formidable challenges, to see to the construction and opening of this temple. Therefore a plan to secure the maintenance and expansion of the temple upholds Srila Prabhupada’s idea that ISKCON will grow with “intelligence and organisation.”

The PADMA Project has already begun with: 

1. Senior Male Devotee Accommodation (in action)

This will cater to long-serving senior Prabhupada disciples and other visiting senior devotees. 

2. The Quest to Ahimsa – the road to happy cows (in action)

Find the full details on the page link on the menu bar.

3. Go Green (in action)

We are committed to the protection and preservation of the Earth. We have taken small but definite steps in our bid to go green. Govinda’s Durban now only serves paper bags and paper straws. Other current eco-friendly facts: we use solar-powered geysers, borehole water, LED bulbs, and we have started a worm farm to reduce food waste.

4. Temple Foyer Upgrade (in research)

The original Oak décor in the temple foyer is water damaged and cannot be repaired. Visitors can look forward to a completely refurbished foyer with technological enhancements.

5. Amphitheatre, Pathways & Public Toilets Upgrade (action pending)

The amphitheatre and pathways are riddled with cracks. Since the temple opening in 1985, these areas have been repaired on a minor scale due to cost. However, renovation has now become a dire need due to safety concerns and in terms of aesthetics.

6. Paraplegic/Wheelchair access to the temple (in research)

Developments in the Pipeline:

• Multi-purpose venue (for weddings & other events)

• Community Picnic area

• Vegetable & flower garden for sustainability 

• Guest Accommodation

• Parking & security  upgrade

Contribute to the Blossoming of ISKCON Durban

We need to hear from you! In 30 years from now, what are your aspirations and desires for ISKCON Durban? How would you like to see the temple grow and what facilities would improve your experience at the temple? 

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