Week Ahead 11-18 August 2022 – Balaram Purnima Festival Guide & Pre-Janmashtami Festival Guide

Dear Friends

This week we prepare for the largest festival hosted by the temple. Friday is an all-day festival and from Saturday, Gita Week is celebrated every evening at 7pm with a kirtan, class, and snack prasad. Festival details are in the Week Ahead.

Gifts for Lord Krishna
You are welcome to bring gifts for the Lord: ghee, Basmati rice, nuts, butter, birthday cards, or flowers.

We value your safety and have taken extra care to ensure your visit to the Temple is pleasant. We will have floodlights all around the temple and surrounding areas. Police and private security will be on duty and patrol the entire area. There will also be a park and ride facility on the 18th & 19th of August.

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Week Ahead

Friday 12 August
Sri Balaram Purnima
Jhulana Yatra Ends
Srila Prabhupada’s departure for the USA
2nd Month of Chaturmasya Begins (Fast from yogurt for one month)
Fast until midday
Morning Festival
4:30am Mangal arati
7:15am Srila Prabhupada’s Guru-puja
7:30am Darshan of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their new outfit
7:45am Class

Midday Festival
10:30am Kirtan
11:00am Class on the Glories of Lord Balaram by His Grace Swarup Damodar Das
12:30pm Raj Bhoga Arati & Kirtan
1:00pm Jhulana Yatra
1:30pm Prasad Feast

Evening Festival
5:30pm Jhulana Yatra
Note: this is the last opportunity to swing Sri Sri Radha Radhanath
6:15pm Prasad Feast
7:00pm Arati & Kirtan
7:30pm Class on the Glories of Lord Balaram by His Holiness Partha Sarathi
Das Goswami

Saturday 13 August
Morning Class @7:30am
The Juhu Story, Opening the temple – A Promise Fulfilled
with His Grace Rupanuga Das

Janmashtami Bangladesh Market Festival @9am
Kirtan & Prasad distribution

Krishna Janmashtami Festival @2:30pm
hosted by Westville Nama-hatta
Kirtan, Drama, Dance, Discourse & Prasad
with His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami
Salligram Hall
Clare Estate
RSVP 076 549 5474 (Via WhatsApp)

Sunday 14 August
Morning Class @7:30am
Sri Isopanishad – Mantra One, Knowing Our Quota
with His Grace Jaisacinandana Das

Note: There is no Love Feast Program

Janmashtami Pre-Festival
Fruit & Flower Offerings 10am – 4pm
Cultural Entertainment 11:30am – 3pm
Free Vegetarian Meals 10am – 4pm
Kids Activity 12pm – 3 pm
Janmashtami Mini Market 11:30am – 3pm
Mantra Meditation Garden, Gopi Dots, Govinda’s Pop-up Takeaway, and Gift & Book Store

Wednesday 17 August
Janmashtami Festival for Senior Citizens @11am

Thursday 18 August
Janmashtami Festival for Learners @10am
Fruit & Flower Offerings 10am – 8:30pm
Cultural Entertainment 6pm – 8:30pm
Free Vegetarian Meals 10am – 8:30pm

Janmashtami Seva

Festival Sponsorships for Services and Offerings to the Deities
Contact Satyarani at 063 297 4398 (WhatsApp only) or takecareofkrishna@gmail.com

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Kalash Abhishek
We re-introduce the opportunity to assist the pujaris of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath to bathe the temple deities on the holy occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.
Contact Bhakti Katha 061 464 5327 (WhatsApp only) or psdgbhakti@gmail.com to enquire more and to book.


COVID Protocol at the Temple
1. Sanitisation on entry.
2. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, kindly stay at home.
3. You are not required to wear a mask, however, you are welcome to exercise personal choice in this matter.

Govinda’s Restaurant & Radhanath’s Gifts
Monday – Saturday 9:30am-4pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 9:30am-3pm
CLOSED on Wednesdays.
Note: The Temple Receptionist can assist you at Radhanath’s Gifts on weekdays between 8am-4pm.

Govinda’s Dining
Monday – Saturday 10am – 3pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 10am – 2pm
CLOSED on Wednesdays.
Function Booking for the Dining Area
1. Maximum 30 people
2. Booking to be placed five days in advance
3. Please take note of our dining times.
4. To discuss details, please get in touch with the temple.

How to Connect to the Temple?
031 403 3328 • temple@iskcondurban.net