Week Ahead 17-23 March 2023

Dear Friends

The 2023 Durban Festival of Chariots is a ONE-DAY festival, which will take place on Friday 7 April 2023 at the Amphitheatre on North Beach. What can we expect at the festival? Prepare to spend the day singing, dancing, laughing, feasting, and making heart connections! The festival will begin at 11am with conscious entertainment, a vegan & veg food fair, a kids carnival, arts & crafts, a cultural boutique, and free vegan meals. The Chariot Parade will begin at 3pm. Evening entertainment includes the drama “The Divine Song” by international director Bhaktimarga Swami, a fireworks display, and a sacred sound party, which will end at 9pm.

Durban Festival of Chariots Seva
Staging a festival of this magnitude requires various resources. We invite you to please come forward to offer your assistance by either volunteering your time, sponsoring ingredients/festival utilities, and/or direct donations. Kindly contact Balaram at 082 881 4521.

For direct donations:
Bank: Nedbank
Account name: ISKCON
Chatsworth branch code: 132226
Account number: 1322113971
You can email a POP to temple@iskcondurban.net

Sri Rama Naumi
Thursday 30 March

Fast until sunset
Save the date. This will be an all-day festival with fruit & flower offerings and free vegetarian meals served from 10:30am. There will be a midday festival (12pm) and an evening festival (6pm) with Rama-katha, arati & kirtan, and feasting.

Sri Rama Naumi Festival Sponsorships
You may select your sponsorship via the link at the end of this email or alternatively in person, with Ishara at the book counter on Sundays from 11:00am-1:00pm. You can also WhatsApp 063 297 4398. Note: All 2023 deity festival sponsorships are open and available here.

Appreciations for His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami
You are invited to submit written and/or art appreciations for Maharaja via email: temple@iskcondurban.net. Offerings will be uploaded to our website. Note: all offerings are subject to approval. You can view offerings already submitted here.

Week Ahead

Friday 17 March
Westville Nama-hatta @6pm

Appreciating Srila Prabhupada’s Position
By His Grace Swarup Damodar Das
Venue: UKZN Westville Hindu Centre
RSVP via WhatsApp on 076 549 5474 (Paramatma Das)

Saturday 18 March
– Fast from all grains, beans & legumes.
Transcendental Diaries Class @7:30am
By His Grace Virabhadra Das

Sunday 19 March
Ekadasi Break Fast 05:58 – 10:01
Nectar of Devotion Class @7:30pm
By Her Grace Ranga Devi Dasi

Love Feast @11am
Questions & Answers
With His Grace Raghunath Bhatta Das

Tuesday 21 March
Forever Present – Celebrating the Life of His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami @8am

You are warmly invited to come and celebrate the life of Maharaja. Devotees led by His Grace Vibhu Caitanya Das will present the various aspects of Maharaja’s contribution to the world. This gathering will also soothe the aching hearts of the devotees.

Wednesday 22 March
Ramayana Week begins

Rama Katha


Govinda’s Restaurant & Radhanath’s Gifts
Monday – Saturday 9:30am-4pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 9:30am-3pm
Note: Govinda’s is now open on Wednesdays. The Temple Receptionist will assist you at Radhanath’s Gifts on Wednesdays.

How to Connect to the Temple?
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