Weekend of Conscious Devotion

Dear Friends
Hare Krishna
We welcome His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami on Sunday, 29 May.
We have received an encouraging response for attandance to the Vows and Commitments workshop by His Grace Mahatma Das. If you are still doubtful of attending, Mahatma Prabhu shares:
“This training offers those who have taken initiation an opportunity to re-commit to their vows with greater depth and determination. For those aspiring for initiation, this seminar offers deep insight into what it takes to maintain vows throughout one’s life. Those who currently don’t plan to take initiation will understand why vows are important for their spiritual advancement, what vows are realistic for them, and how to follow them. And, you will get to explore your personal word of honor, level of integrity, level of personal responsibility.” 
Next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Mahatma Prabhu will also facilitate a three-session workshop to devotees engaged in cultivation services. It is a must for book distributors, university cultivators, Nama-hatta cultivators, Bhaktivedanta College teachers, devotees serving at the temple book table, etc.
Your Week Ahead
Friday, 27 May
Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Youth Programme 
Align Our Life To What We Believe @ 7:00pm
with His Grace Mahatma Das
Saturday, 28 May 
1:30pm    Vows & Commitments, Session 1
Note: Bookings is still open and essential. Details on the above poster. If you are unable to afford the course fees, you may contact Rishi Kumar for a special concession.
Sunday, 29 May
10:30am    Vows & Commitments, Session 2
3:00pm      Love Feast with Mahatma Das
Monday, 30 May
7:45am    Class by Mahatma Das
6:30pm    The Art of Sharing Krishna Consciousness by Mahatma Das
                Session 1
Tuesday, 31 May
7:45am    Srimad Bhagavatam Class by His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami
6:30pm    The Art of Sharing Krishna Consciousness by Mahatma Das
Session 2
7:00pm    New Jagannath Puri Temple Nama-hatta with
                His Grace Nanda Kumar Das
Wednesday, 1 June 
7:45am    Srimad Bhagavatam Class by Mahatma Das
6:30pm    The Art of Sharing Krishna Consciousness by Mahatma Das
Session 3
Thursday, 2 June 
Break Fast 06:43 – 10:10
7:45am    Srimad Bhagavatam Class by Mahatma Das
7:00pm    ISKCON Pietermaritzburg with Mahatma Das
Friday, 3 June
7:45am    Srimad Bhagavatam Class by Jayadvaita Swami
We look forward to seeing you at the temple.
Your friends at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple
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