Week Ahead 26 May – 1 June 2023

Dear Friends

Bhagavad Gita Overview
ONLINE course – 10-hour course over five Sundays
Facilitated by His Grace Smita Krishna Das
Starts Sunday 28 May @4pm
The course is free and participants who fulfil the minimum attendance criteria will receive a Certificate of Participation from Bhaktivedanta College of Education and Culture. Register here.

VIHE Chaturmasya Semester beings in June 2023
Online and in-person courses include: Bhakti-sastri, Bhakti-sadacara, Bhakti-vaibhava, and Bhakti-pravesa. For course details please visit here.

Week Ahead

Friday 26 May
Westville Nama-hatta @6pm

Examining our False Identification with our Material Bodies
with His Grace Ramvijay Das
Venue: UKZN Westville Hindu Centre
RSVP Paramatma Das via WhatsApp 076 549 5474

Kendra Nama-hatta @7pm
The Arati Offering – A Practical Hands-on Training Workshop
Facilitated by His Grace Krishna Charan Das
Venue: Kendra Hall
RSVP via WhatsApp on 083 453 3026 (Shravan)

Unit 7, Chatsworth Nama-hatta @7pm
Bhagavad Gita 12.13
Venue: Shantik Foundation, corner of roads 741 & 742
Inquiries: Alanath Das 083 775 2760

Saturday 27 May
Transcendental Diaries Class @7:30am

By His Grace Raghunath Bhatta Das

Monthly Sankirtan Festival @9:30am
Meet at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Prasadam Marquee to collect your book pack and to join a team on book distribution. We will meet back at the temple at 1pm for realisations and a special prasadam feast. To register, kindly send a message to 082 806 1646 by Friday, 26th May.

The Top 3 Book Distribution Teams will win the “Treasures of the Brhat Mrdanga” by His Grace Vijaya Das (International Book Distribution Minister)
If you are new to Book Distribution and would like to learn more about it, email us on [email protected]

ISKCON Pietermaritzburg @7pm
with His Holiness Partha Sarathi Das Goswami

Sunday 28 May
Nectar of Devotion Class @7:30am

By Her Grace Ranga Devi Dasi

Love Feast @11am
Bhakti Thrives with Friends

with Her Grace Rukmini Devi Dasi

Wednesday 31 May
– (Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi) Fast from beans, grains & legumes.

Hillary Nama-hatta @7pm
Venue: 38 4th Street, Hillary
Inquiries: Alanath Das 083 775 2760

Thursday 1 June
Ekadasi Break Fast 06:43 – 10:10

Friday 2 June
Panihati Chida Dahi Festival


2023 Deity Festival Sponsorships
All 2023 deity festival sponsorships are open. You may book with Ishara at the book counter on Sundays from 11:00am-1:00pm. You can also WhatsApp 063 297 4398.

Homages to His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
The Vyāsa-pūjā of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda takes place on 8 September 2023. Offerings for the Pan-African Vyāsa-pūjā book may be submitted anytime from now until 2 July 2023. All offerings should be submitted on the dedicated website, please find the link at the end of this email. Once submitted, a confirmation will display on the webpage.

Govinda’s Restaurant & Radhanath’s Gifts
Monday – Saturday 9:30am-4pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 9:30am-3pm
Note: Govinda’s is now open on Wednesdays. The Temple Receptionist will assist you at Radhanath’s Gifts on Wednesdays.

How to Connect to the Temple?
031 403 3328 • temple@iskcondurban.net • iskcondurban.net