Final Week Ahead for 2022

Dear Friends

As 2022 draws to a close and we enter the holiday, we invite you to take this time of R&R to reflect on your past year and what you would like to invest in the coming year. Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple is open to you, so please take full advantage of the Love Feasts, special events, morning program, various services, and Vaishnava association.

In the new year, we will welcome His Grace Kshudi Das (ACBSP), a pioneer in ISKCON South Africa. He has a wealth of ISKCON history in South Africa. We will also welcome Her Grace Aruddha Devi Dasi, author of the Srimad Bhagavatam Comprehensive Guide for Young Readers. She will offer a one-day course: The Art of Krishna Conscious Parenting on Saturday 21 January 2023. Parents and those involved in children’s education will significantly benefit from this course. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to offer quality of spiritual education to their children.

Govinda’s & Radhanath’s Gifts
Public Holiday Trading Times

Friday 16 Dec, 2022 (Day of Reconciliation) – open until 3 PM
Sunday 25 Dec, 2022 (Christmas Day) – CLOSED
Monday 26 Dec, 2022 (Day of Goodwill) – open until 3 PM
Tuesday 27 Dec, 2022 (public holiday) – open until 3 PM
Sunday 1 Jan, 2023 (New Year’s Day) – open until 3 PM
Monday 2 Jan, 2023 (public holiday) – open until 3 PM

Bhakti Theatre
Saturday 31 December @7:30pm

Temple Amphitheatre
As the year draws to a close, some paths come to an end. Which paths those are — we decide. Turning left or right based on the power of the mind isn’t always what would set our soul alight. But…if offered the chance, would you consider a different path? One that started at the end and allowed for no pretense? Dare you choose a path with no familiar face, but…one that would lead you to a place only accessible by faith. Come watch the riveting drama: Dharma – A Journey of Three Steps. Filled with suspense, trickery, politics, sabotage, honour, promises, faith, and trust, this drama includes shadow theatre, dance, and martial arts. Written and directed by Gaura Bhumi Dasi. Tickets are on sale at Radhanath’s Gifts from Friday 16 December. A minimum donation of R50 per ticket.

Prabhupada Marathon 2022
until 31 December

Remember books are the gift that keeps in giving. We have a wide selection of books including various NEW titles.
Contact: • 082 806 1646 • 065 964 0699
The Book Office is located behind the prasada marquee. You can place your order via Email or WhatsApp and a pick-up time will be communicated for the next day.

BYS Service Opportunity
Bhakti Yoga Society (BYS) would like to connect with anyone who will be on Westville or Howard campus (UKZN) in the coming year (2023). If you keen please contact Bonolo on 073 301 6548.

Temple Events

Friday 16 December
The Lotus Market

Come along with friends and family.
Vegan & Vegetarian food, crafts, wisdom books, kids play zone & more.

Saturday 17 December
Morning Class @7:30am
Transcendental Diaries, Chapter 5 – Sanand 29-31 December 1975 by Her Grace Gangamata Goswamini Dasi

Sunday 18 December
Morning Class @7:30am
Sri Isopanishad, Mantra 18
with His Grace Jaisacinandana Das

Love Feast @11am
Choosing Wise Association

by Her Grace Vaishnavi Priya Dasi

Monday 19 December
– Fast from all grains, beans & legumes.

Tuesday 20 December
Ekadasi Break Fast 04:51 – 09:32

Saturday 24 December
Morning Class @7:30am
Transcendental Diaries, Chapter 6 – Madras 1&2 January 1976
by His Grace Bhakta Nischay

Sunday 25 December
Morning Class @7:30am

Nectar of Devotion, Preface & Introduction
with His Grace Radhika Jivana Das

Love Feast @11am
The Parampara of the Charioteer

by His Grace Jagadananda Pandit Das

Saturday 31 December
Morning Class @7:30am

Transcendental Diaries, Chapter 7 – Nellore 3&4 January 1976

Sunday 1 January 2023
Morning Class @7:30am

Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 1: The Characteristics of Pure Devotional Service

New Year’s Day Special Event
Kirtan & Talks
Fruit, flower & lamp offerings
Free vegetarian meals.

Monday 2 January 2023
– Fast from all grains, beans & legumes.

Tuesday 3 January 2023
Ekadasi Break Fast 04:59 – 09:40

Saturday 7 January 2023
Morning Class @7:30am
Transcendental Diaries, Chapter 7 – Nellore 5&6 January 1976

Sunday 8 January 2023
Morning Class @7:30am

Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 1: Krishna Consciousness is All-auspicious

Love Feast @11am
New Year’s Inspiration

By His Grace Kshudi Das (ACBSP)


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Sundays & Public Holidays 9:30am-3pm
CLOSED on Wednesdays.
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