Kartik Begins…(Week Ahead 7-13 October 2022)

Dear Friends

Kartik – Month of Damodar
Sunday 9 October – Tuesday 8 November

It’s that time of year again – how wonderful is it that by simply offering a ghee lamp to Lord Damodar, one’s bhakti is enhanced many times over?! This Kartik we encourage you to help as many people as possible receive the same benefit. Invite friends, family, and your greater community to offer a lamp. Here is the general daily schedule, (however anyone can come and offer during the day as well):
7:00pm Gaura Arati and Damodarastakam prayers
7:10pm Lamps offerings until the altar closes around 7:30pm

Kartik Services Available
1. Help make ghee wicks
2. Set up lamps in the evening
3. Clean up after the lamp offering
4. Distribute prasada after the lamp offering
Contact Alanath Das 083 775 2760

Festival Sponsorships for Services and Offerings to the Deities
Festival during Kartik and other sponsorships:
1. Ghee Lamps R450 per day. (Excludes all festival days & Sundays.)
2. Devotee Breakfast R908
3. Devotee Lunch R2008
4. Evening Prasada R708
Contact 063 297 4398 or takecareofkrishna@gmail.com
Note: Bookings are open for sponsorships towards Govardhan Puja, Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day, and Kartik Purnima – The Last Night of Kartik.

ISKCON DURBAN Community Database
If you have not done so already, please register on our community database so that we can connect you to our programs and service opportunities. This is for all members of the congregation: young or old, initiated or uninitiated. Please click here. Please forward this message to other family members or friends.

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Week Ahead

Saturday 8 October
Morning Class @7:30am
A Transcendental Diary, Chapter 2, Sri Vrndavana-dhama 4 & 5 December 1975
with Her Grace Gangamata Goswamini Dasi

Sunday 9 October
Sharad Purnima – 1st Night of Kartik (begins 4:54pm)

Morning Class @7:30am
Sri Isopanishad, Mantra 8 – The Transcendental and Eternal form of the Absolute Personality of Godhead
with Her Grace Priya Kishori Devi Dasi

Note: The Sunday Love Feast is moved to 4:00pm for this Sunday, 9 October only.

1st Night of Kartik Festival
4:00pm Kirtan
4:15pm Darshan of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their new outfit and arati & kirtan
4:45pm Class: Diving Deeper into Damodar Lila
with His Grace Jagadananda Pandit Das
5:30pm Singing Damodarastakam followed by offering of lamps
6:00pm Prasad


Hare Krishna News
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COVID Protocol at the Temple
1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, kindly stay at home.
2. You are not required to wear a mask, however, you are welcome to exercise personal choice in this matter.

Govinda’s Restaurant & Radhanath’s Gifts
Monday – Saturday 9:30am-4pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 9:30am-3pm
CLOSED on Wednesdays.
Note: The Temple Receptionist can assist you at Radhanath’s Gifts on weekdays between 8am-4pm.

Govinda’s Dining
Monday – Saturday 10am – 3pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 10am – 2pm
CLOSED on Wednesdays.
Function Booking for the Dining Area
1. Maximum 30 people
2. Booking to be placed five days in advance
3. Please take note of our dining times.
4. To discuss details, please get in touch with the temple.

How to Connect to the Temple?
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