Look to the East

LNDear Friends
In the last days of March, look at the rising sun on the Eastern shore to see the lotus-eyed Jagannath. This form of the Lord is a manifestation of His joy upon seeing His devotees. We are five weeks away from the Durban Festival of Chariots. His Holiness Indradyumna Swami is here finalising arrangements. After many years we host the festival near the sandy shores of the Bay of Plenty.
His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami is visiting from Friday, 22nd February to Monday, 4th March. Famous as Srila Prabhupada’s editor, head of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and chief editor of the Back to Godhead magazine for some time, he is meticulous when it comes to discussing Krishna conscious philosophy and presenting Srila Prabhupada’s books accurately. This Swami is simple, straight forward, and sublime.
On Saturday, we celebrate the appearance anniversary of the original spiritual master, Lord Nityananda. We can pray that He bless us with faith and conviction in our spiritual teachers.
Your Week Ahead
Thursday, 21 February
Fast till noon for Lord Varaha
Friday, 22 February
Lord Varahadeva’s Appearance
Fasting done on Thursday, feast today
We welcome His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami
Saturday, 23 February
Lord Nityananda Appearance
Fasting till noon
Live feed of the festival on Mayapur TV
See poster for details
Sunday, 24 February
Love feast with Jayadvaita Swami at 4pm
Monday, 25 February
The great Vaishnava poet, Srila Narrottama Das Thakur’s Appearance
Wednesday, 27 February
Special evening programme with Jayadvaita Swami at 7pm
Hinduism: God and Gods
This topic is sure to raise many questions, so join the discussion.
We hope this finds you in the best spirits, until next week,
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