The Bhakti Trilogy


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Wise Love
We all long for boundless love as we long for home. But how can we find our home our meaning and purpose if we don’t know our self? Wise-Love is an exploration of the self, or consciousness, guided through the meditative eyes of saints, sages, seers, and mystics.

As we embark on the journey to the self, we discover that the self’s most charming characteristic part of its eternal, unchanging nature is that it is a lover, a lover who can be satisfied only when ordinary love evolves into wise-love.

Pranada Comtois, a devoted pilgrim and teacher, illuminates bhakti’s wisdom school of heartfulness and shows why mindfulness alone can never satisfy the self. Joy comes from an awakened heart and expanded consciousness, not from a controlled or stilled mind.
Winner The Montaigne Medal from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards
Winner Spirituality from the National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist Book of the Year Body/Mind/Spirit by Foreword Indies
Finalist in Spirituality by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Bhakti Shakti
The wisdom goddesses of yoga who embody Shakti, or sacred energy, continue to gain popularity as we become familiar with the ways they help us break through negativity, trauma, and dysfunction to attain self-love, peace, and abundance.

Yet we rarely hear about Sri Radha and her unique position as the primal Shakti because she is hidden deep within the Upanishads, Tantras, and Puranas as their most confidential spiritual subject.

Here, for the first time, Sri Radha is revealed. The goddess of divine love not only grants emotional, mental, and physical well-being, but she bestows the spiritual transformation and awakening of divine love, our greatest necessity.

Award-winning author and Bhakti pilgrim Pranada Comtois introduces us to charming goddess Radha and through reason and references to the ancient wisdom texts we’re shown that

love is the essence of all knowledge
love is the imperative need of the timeless self
only pure love will satisfy us
Finalist Spirituality by the National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist Spirituality by the NGI Book Awards

Prema Kirtan
Sacred sound is a substantial form of spiritual nourishment. Many cultures are rich with spiritual music, but kirtan features ancient mantras—potent sound formulas of transformation and healing—that enrich and enlighten us in ways that other music or self-help methods cannot. That so many are now embracing kirtan in the West shows its universal appeal and its power to nourish us by fulfilling a deep spiritual hunger. Mantra meditation allows us to tap into a sacred space and connect with the Divine. It’s the joining of a mantra and the soul in song to make a heart-connection with the Supreme. Kirtan and private japa meditation offers all the psycho-physical benefits of other types of meditation but are much easier to perform than silent meditation or mindfulness.

We’re far more powerful than we may have been led to believe; we’re immeasurably more than what meets the eye. In choosing a mantra to dedicate ourselves to, we choose from a vast array of possibilities for the soul more enchanting and enthralling than any we’ve encountered in any wonderful dream or fictional world.

Prema Kirtan takes us into the world of a specific type of kirtan known as prema-kirtan, or the kirtan that produces prema, divine love. In Prema Kirtan we learn about the history, purpose, practice, and spiritual possibilities that prema-kirtan offers, as well as the opportunities realized by other types of kirtan.

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