Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Festival Guide

Dear Friends

Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple warmly invites you and your family to Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival. You will find all the festival schedule details below.

We value your safety and have taken extra care to ensure your visit to the Temple is pleasant. We will have flood lights all around the temple and surrounding areas. Police and private security will be on duty and patrol the entire area. There will also be a park and ride facility on the 18th & 19th of August.

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Week Ahead
Thursday 18 August
Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival Day 1

Fruit & Flower Offerings 10am – 8:30pm
Free Vegetarian Meals 10am – 8:00pm
Govinda’s Pop-up Take Away 2:00pm – 8pm
Gift & Book Store 2pm-8pm
Mantra Meditation Garden 6pm – 8pm

Cultural Entertainment
6:30pm Keeran Eshwarlal live in concert
7:30pm Gita Week Talk by Her Grace Champakalata Dasi
8:00pm The Magic of Mantra Meditation – A quiz hosted by Kirtanuity Youth Group

Friday 19 August
Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Festival Day 2
Fast until midnight

Deity Darshan and Offerings of Fruit & Flowers
9am – 9pm

The Temple will facilitate fruit and flowers for everyone to offer to the Deities. You are welcome to bring Lord Sri Krishna birthday gifts. Preferred gifts: ghee, butter & raw nuts for the Deities.

Temple Morning Festival
4:30am Mangala Arati – Darshan of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their 1st new outfit
7:15am Guru-puja to Srila Prabhupada
7:30am Greeting of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their 2nd new outfit
7:45am Class by Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami

Temple Evening Festival
9:00pm Kirtan and katha until midnight
Midnight Darshan of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their 3rd new outfit
Arati & Kirtan

Cultural Entertainment
6:30pm Vaishnava Bhajans
7:00pm Celebrating the Appearance of Lord Krishna – A quiz hosted by Kirtanuity Youth Group
7:30pm Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Kalash Maha Abhishek
8:50pm Bharata Natyam Dance by Lageshrie’s Dance Institute
9:30pm Bhajans by Shashika Mooruth
11:00pm Krishna Katha by Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami
11:30pm Drama – Guess the Opulence
11:50pm Kirtan to live broadcast of Midnight Darshan & Arati

Mantra Meditation Garden 6pm – 11pm
Krishna Kid’s Birthday Party 7pm – 9 pm
Movies Under the Stars (Amphitheatre) 6pm – 11pm
Camp Fire Kirtan 8:30pm – 11pm
Govindas, Gift & Book Store 2pm – 11pm
Gopi Dots & Mehndi 6pm – 11pm

Saturday 20 August
Sri Vyasa-puja
Appearance Anniversary of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Fast until midday

Temple Morning Festival
4:30am Mangala Arati
7:15am Guru-puja to Srila Prabhupada
7:30am Greeting of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath in Their new outfit & kirtan

Vyasa-puja Schedule starts @10:30am
with His Holiness Partha Sarathi Das Goswami and His Grace Ramanujacharya Das

We welcome a new deity of Srila Prabhupada for worship on his appearance and disappearance days at Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple.
Abhishek, Homages, Puspanjali and Guru-puja, and a Prasadam Feast

All followers of Srila Prabhupada (following the principles of Krishna consciousness and chanting Hare Krishna) are invited to prepare food offerings to be offered to Srila Prabhupada at his Vyasa-puja. Fruit & nuts, ghee, and dry items like basmati rice, etc., garlands, posies, and words of gratitude are also welcome. Food offerings must be handed in by no later than 11am at the Amphitheatre.
Note: Please be mindful that ISKCON has a no-polystyrene policy. Kindly do not bring your offerings in polystyrene.

Sunday 21 August
Morning Class @7:30am

Sri Isopanishad – Mantra Two, Work According to the Vedas
with Her Grace Priya Kishori Devi Dasi

Love Feast @11am
Offerings of Love – Reading homages to Srila Prabhupada

Monday 22 August
– Fast from all grains, beans & legumes.

Tuesday 23 August
Ekadasi Break Fast 09:14 – 10:06


Festival Sponsorships for Services and Offerings to the Deities
Contact Satyarani 063 297 4398 or

Last day for Krishna Janmashtami Kalash Abhiseka bookings
Contact Bhakti Katha 061 464 5327 or to book

How to Connect to the Temple?
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