Week Ahead 10-17 September 2020

Dear Friends
Holy Name Week 17-23 September
Fortunate People
This year, the ISKCON Kirtan Ministry headed by His Holiness Lokanath Swami has partnered with Fortunate People with the idea to make others fortunate through the chanting of the holy names. It’s simple! Just send a video of you chanting the maha-mantra for Love & Peace via WhatsApp +91 81268 68100.
Once you offer your own chant, it’s time to make others fortunate! Reach out to at least one person amongst your family, friends, or associates who don’t usually chant and ask them to offer their maha-mantra chant for Love & Peace as well.
Home Kirtan Videos
You are invited to submit a kirtan! Record a 15min – 30min kirtan at home with your family and email your video to whnf2020kirtan@gmail.com by Friday 11 September. Your kirtan will be played on Facebook South-Africa-WHN-Festival-2020 between the 17th and 23rd of September.
BCEC Partners with School of Bhakti
The School of Bhakti based at Bhaktivedanta Manor is offering a wide range of online courses. You can view paid and free courses using the following link:

Courses on offer

Further to the above, a concession is being made to our yatra for all paid courses (except Bhakti Sastri) to be free. This will be for a limited time.
If you would like to enroll for a paid course, please WhatsApp your details to Balaram 0828770753:
First Name, Surname, Email, Course(s) Name(s)

He will send your information to the School of Bhakti to be entered manually onto the system and you will be enrolled for FREE.
Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 6 Overview
With His Holiness Rama Govinda Swami
10-29 September
Note: Daily @11:30am. Live Stream on MayapurTV Durban South Africa and on Facebook @DurbanKrishna.
Week Ahead 
Friday 11 September
7:30am Class by His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Saturday 12 September
7:30am Class by Rama Govinda Swami
Women’s Collective @3pm
A Meet & Greet Event
To celebrate our unsung pioneer Vaishnavis & create a dialogue to encourage and empower Vaishnavis in SA.
Meeting ID: 811 5217 0948
Passcode: 911522
Sunday 13 September
Ekadasi – Fast from all grains, beans & legumes. 
7:30am Class by Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Sri Vyasa Puja of His Holiness Giriraj Swami @6pm
Meeting ID: 864 7034 3877
Passcode: 428167
Monday 14 September
Ekadasi Break Fast 05:55-09:52
7:30am Class by Her Grace Rukmini Devi Das
11:00am Instagram Live with His Grace Vibhu Caitanya Das
Tuesday 15 September
7:30am Class by Rama Govinda Swami
Wednesday 16 September
7:30am Class by Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Thursday 17 September
7:30am Class by Rama Govinda Swami 
Sri Vyasa-puja of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami
9:30am-1pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Meeting ID: 377 799 6957
Passcode: 242315
NEW Darshan Times
Bridge Darshan

Monday–Saturday 11am-1pm
Temple Darshan
Sundays ONLY 10am-1pm. Note: Since this is a walk-through darshan only, you are welcome to rejoin the darshan queue as many times as you like. Strict COVID-19 safety protocols MUST be followed.
NEW Govinda’s Trading Times
Monday-Friday 11am-3pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm
How to Connect to the Temple?
Our landline 031 403 3328 is now fully operational!
Office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Or email temple@iskcondurban.net