Week Ahead 11-17 November 2022

Dear Friends

Prabhupada Marathon 2022
08 November – 31 December
It is that special time of the year when we come together to share Srila Prabhupada’s books.
“…producing and distributing books is our most important engagement, all other engagements culminate in this one end — distribution of books.” (Letter to Tamala Krishna Maharaja, 27 July 1973)

Here is how you can join the marathon!
1. Kids League
We have a unique experience planned exclusively for all children who distribute 20 books or more.
2. Youth
Join a Harinam – Join the weekly Harinams in and around Durban or
take on the TikTok Book Distribution Challenge.
We challenge the young and the young at heart to promote and distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books innovatively via TikTok. Use the hashtag #BooksaretheBasis2022
4. Go Solo
Take a book pack and distribute it at your will and time, gift them to loved ones, or maybe it’s time to update your personal library.
5. Team Up
Friends/Nama-hattas are invited to register as a team. Distribute books door-to-door, on the street, or at pre-arranged spots.
6. Support Spiritual Learning
If you don’t have the time, you can chip in towards our spiritual learning initiative.
7. Be A Hero
We arrange everything – the place, the books, the company. Just show up!
8. Live to Give Campaign – Distribute Bhagavad Gita on Gita Jayanti!
All participants’ names will be offered in a special Fire Yajna in Kurukshetra on the Advent of Bhagavad Gita (Gita Jayanti) on Saturday 3 December.

Sign up for the marathon here.
For more information:
082 806 1646
065 964 0699
The Book Office is located behind the prasada marquee. You can place your order via Email or WhatsApp and a pick-up time will be communicated for the next day.

Week Ahead

Saturday 12 November
7:30am Transcendental Diaries, Chapter 3&4 – New Delhi & Bombay 15, 16 &17 December 1975 by His Grace Radhika Jivana Das

Sunday 13 November
Morning Class @7:30am
Sri Isopanishad, Mantra 13
with Her Grace Ranga Devi Dasi

Love Feast @11am
Our Family Business: Distributing Srila Prabhupada’s Books
A panel discussion facilitated by Bhakta Shaylin with Her Grace Gangamata Goswamini Dasi, Her Grace Induprabha Devi Dasi, Bhaktin Noeleen, Bhakta Raghunath, Her Grace Ranga Devi Dasi, Her Grace Rasa-sthali Dasi, and His Grace Visvarupa Das

Save the Date

The 13th Annual BBT Africa Conference
Saturday 26 November @2pm
Celebrate book distribution at the 13th Annual BBT Africa Conference.
The conference theme is “Double It!”
How do we continue to print Srila Prabhupada’s books and spread Krishna Consciousness in Africa? We celebrate the efforts made in book distribution and acknowledge that there is more to accomplish.
Live @BBTAfrica on Facebook and YouTube


2023 Calendars Now Available
Get your 4-page wall calendar for R60 each from the Book Table, Govinda’s or Radhanath’s Gifts.

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