Week Ahead 29 December – 1 January

Happy New Year!

Dear Friend
screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-11-25-04-amAs we welcome the new year, the 2016 Prabhupada Book Marathon comes to an end. I have made an exclusive arrangement in a last ditch effort to increase the book distribution.
Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple will be having a two-day (Saturday, 31 December & Sunday, 1 January) book sponsorship special on the following books:
Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers @ R5 each
Chant And Be Happy @ R5 each
Imibuzo Eshaya Emhloleni, Izimpendulo Ezihlaba Esikhonkosini
isiZulu Translation of “Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers” @ R2,50 each
I extend my gratitude to all who have contributed to the 2016 Prabhupada Marathon. Radhanath Swami said, “When we live our lives with devotion, this world becomes a virtual reality version of the spiritual world.”
I pray to Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu that He blesses us to increase book distribution more and more.
May Sri Sri Radha Radhanath bless you and your family in 2017. I look forward to seeing you at the temple.
Your servant
Vibhu Caitanya Das
Your Week Ahead
Saturday, 31 December
screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-10-03-05-amBhakti Theatre presents
Midnight Magic in the Moonlight
10:00pm Hare Krishna Raga
10:15pm Gurudev Dance Drama
10:20pm HipHop Poetry with Saunaka M
10:30pm The Quest – Drama
11:10pm Interval
11:15pm Fire Dance
11:25pm MC Pralambz
12:00am Like a River & Prayer Lamps
Entry by donation
BYS Cafe Menu
Wood fired pizza
Cup Cakes
Refreshing Drink
Funds raised at this programme go towards the university programme and the Bhakti Theatre.
Sunday, 1 January
Love Feast @ 11am
with His Grace Rathim Krishna Das

New Jagannath Puri Temple 2-day Kirtan Festival
with His Grace Mahabhagavat Das
30-31 December
Festival begins at 3pm

Help fund Acharya, The Movie
We have a very real opportunity of seeing Srila Prabhupada’s life story and glorious achievements come to the forefront of popular culture throughout North America and the rest of the world.
Even if mildly successful, the effect will be an increased understanding of Srila Prabhupada, his mission and his representatives, and an increase in temple and festival attendance and book distribution.
However, for this scenario to unfold, we need the help of everyone who will benefit; every initiated devotee, aspiring devotee, congregational members and supporters. Let us cooperate together, through the most popular medium of film, to glorify Srila
Prabhupada in gratitude for his great gifts to us and to the world. The opportunity is now to make preparations for release this summer.