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Dear Friends,

We said goodbye to Her Grace Rajesvari Devi Dasi yesterday. His Grace Swarup Damodar Prabhu wrote this message in her honour:

Rajesvari Devi Dasi, or Perrima, as we affectionately called her, loved the devotees. And they loved her. I first became acquainted with her through her late nephew and our former Temple President. She took care of him as her own son, especially in his last many months. Her loving, caring nature was abundantly exhibited then. She was prepared to go to any extent to take care of Srutakirti. Any extent. It was amazing. And after his passing, she took care of the devotees at the temple. She had moved into the temple and was always eager to do some service for the devotees. It was quite remarkable. Despite her very advanced age, she would easily physically out-serve most of the younger devotees. She was very affectionate to me; always inquiring after my welfare and when I would be leaving the temple to India or America she would always be there to see me off and welcome me when I would return. She was a real Perrima to us all. I missed her when she went to stay with her children and now in her passing, we will miss her all the more. I commend her children for taking nice care of her. And thank them for letting her be part of our lives here at the Radha Radhanath Temple.

All glories to Rajesvari Devi Dasi. All glories to our Perrima. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Hare Krishna.

Saci Kumar Prabhu shared a wonderful update on our Laxminath Prabhu:

Dear Devotees, please accept my respects. Laksminath Prabhu returned to the Radha Radhanath temple today after having been in hospital for a quadruple heart bypass operation. When I entered his room to see him I offered obeisances and he returned them with folded hands and said “Prabhu, you are looking at a broken body”. His is still in some pain and will have to work hard on getting back to normal functioning, which should take sometime. We were happy he returned on Lord Nrsimhadev’s appearance day and he acknowledged. He shared with us how privileged he felt to return on this occasion and to be the recipient of some special maha-prasadam a devotee had brought to share with everyone from Ahovalam, a scared place connected to Lord Nrsimhadev. I don’t know for sure but Prabhu has been serving at this temple for around or over three decades, particularly being engaged in mass prasadam distribution to underprivileged areas and university campuses in Durban. A soldier in Lord Caitanya’s army. A request that you please petition Lord Nrisimhadev with humble prayers that Prabhu’s recovery is swift and successful.

Saturday, 9 May
5:00pm Maha Harinam – starting at Crossmead Primary School

Sunday, 10 May
3:00pm Love Feast with His Holiness Rama Govinda Swami

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